Aquajet Systems was formed in 1988. Since their formation they have been committed to manufacturing the best Hydrodemolition equipment on the market, and they accomplish this through their dedication to design and development.


Hydrodemolition is a technique that uses a high pressure water jet to remove areas of loose deteriorated concrete from structures such as bridges, pillars, dams, quays and other engineered structures. The hydrodemolition process produces a “craggy” profile in the concrete. This craggy surface provides a greater area for bonding, resulting in a significantly stronger bond than can be achieved with the use of jackhammers. Another advantage is that the sound concrete which remains is unaffected by the hydrodemolition process. Micro-cracks and damage to re-bar caused by the impact of jackhammers are no longer a concern.


Their flexible and upgradeable robots have been developed to suit all kinds of applications, whether diesel propelled or electrical driven. With their extensive line of accessories such as Rotolances, Parapet Beams, Under Bridge beams, Circular Power Head, and much more you can be assured you will find a solution to every Hydrodemolition situation. All of their accessories can be used on any of their robots.

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