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Asia Waterjet Equipment is the established regional market leader in hydro blasting equipment with an unrivalled reputation for technical expertise and product support.

Specialist Products

While our business thrives on building and supplying standard equipment, we also understand that occasionally customers need an engineered solution to applications that are more specialised or difficult to resolve.

In these situations we have the expertise and engineering resources to design and manufacture a custom solution to overcome the problem.

We have now diversified our product portfolio into specialist products and equipment, and bring the same qualities and commitment to the oil and gas industry sector. We have seen an increasing number of enquires for hazardous area equipment as well as DNV2.7.1 Certified offshore packages, and have the ability to build diesel powered ATEX approved equipment for areas up to Zone 2, and electrical powered equipment up to zone 1.

This technical expertise has helped in developing our own specialised range of  products, which include;

The FEDCO Cold Cutting and Blasting Slurry Injection System which can both cut and blast steel above and below water. Cold cutting can be achieved at water jet pressures between 10,000 PSI (690 BAR) and 20,000 PSI (1380 BAR). Wet abrasive blasting can be achieved at water jet pressures between 5,000 (350 BAR) and 20,000 PSI (1380 BAR).

The AWE Electric UHP Gun Distribution Module which removes the requirement for a Multi-Mode/Tumble Box during UHP blasting operations without impacting on the users independence. The system pumps all excess hot dump water at the module making it ideal for work in confined spaces such as tanks, areas with restricted access. and at height in Cherry Pickers or on scaffolding. The system is used in conjunction with the lightweight AWE Electric Gun which operates a unique coded signaling system with the module to safeguard against involuntary usage.

These opportunities make the system indispensable in the shipping and offshore industries, refineries (tank yards) and in the industrial contracting business in general.

Consultancy Service

We also provide a consultancy service. If you are facility owner and are looking for a solution to a problem, we can look at it and come up with the most cost effective method, but please note, we are NOT a contractor, so we cannot do the work for you. Please contact us for details.

AWE Product Gallery

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Enquire About This Product Range

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