With a large number of AWE-packaged centrifugal pumps already in use across the Middle East, we supply the highest performing pumps for a multitude of applications.

Asia Waterjet are proud to partner with Pioneer Pumps, the market leaders in centrifugal pumps, engineering the highest performing pumps for use in Oil & Gas, Industrial, Pipeline Pre-Commissioning, Agriculture, Mining, Municipal, and general applications.

Pump Types

Included in the “Centrifugal Pump” division are a whole host different pump types, these include Lobe Pumps, Chemical Injection Pumps, Dry-priming Pumps, Automatic Self-Priming Pumps, End Suction Pumps, Mission Magnum, Multi stage and Horizontal Split Case Pumps.

Oil Re-suspension

Asia Waterjet are also bringing to market, a new oil tank re-suspension package. This new technology uses a chemical-free, non-man entry method of reclaiming up-to 90% of trapped hydrocarbons from storage tank sludge.

Types of Pump include:

  • Horizontal Split Case
  • Horizontal End Suction
  • Horizontal Multi-Stage
  • Vacuum Assisted Automatic Self-Priming
  • Automatic Wet Self-Priming
Materials of Construction:

  • Cast or Ductile Iron Castings
  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Exotic Materials can also be sourced
Build Options:

  • Skid Mount
  • Crash / Lifting Frame
  • Trailer Mounted
  • Canopy Enclosure

Typical Applications

Pipeline Flooding, Pipeline Pressure Testing, Fresh or Seawater Transfer. Chemical Flushing, Seawater Lift, Product Transfer, Fire Water, Chemical Handling, and Mud Pumping.

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Unit Build options

Every unit is custom built to each of our Client’s requirements, with the choice of various added extras, engine types, and assembly formats.


Skid Base Features

  • Folded steel skid with bunding to capture spilt liquids
  • Forklift slots for easy placement
  • Mounting Points for installation of lifting frames/canopy
  • Off-Shore DNV crash frames can also be accomodated.



  • Easily Manoeuverable
  • Full road-worthy trailer with hydraulic over run braking system (off highway use)
  • Site Trolley format with a fixed rear axel and pivoting front axel.



  • Unsilenced
  • Sound attenuation available upon request
  • Four corner lifting eyes for easy placement.

How We Do It

A lot of work goes into each and every assembled pumpset from the initial needs analysis, right through to the fabrication, delivery & training.