Concrete Hydro Demolition is rapidly becoming the preferred method of removing damaged and contaminated concrete from structures for repair purposes.

Many structures around the region are suffering from “concrete cancer”, caused by chloride attack on the steel rebars causing them to corrode, expand, and crack the surrounding concrete.

Concrete Hydro Demolition

Concrete Hydro Demolition – How does it work?

The theory of Concrete Hydro Demolition is pressurising and widening existing pores and micro-cracks in a concrete structure using high-pressure water penetration.

A high pressure water jet is directed at the surface, and penetrates the cement/fines matrix surrounding the aggregate, which is then forced out by the hydrostatic pressure. Where cracks are present, the water jet penetrates along the crack resulting in higher removal rates, and selective removal of damaged areas. Unlike mechanical methods such as jack hammering, Concrete Hydro Demolition does not create any macro or micro cracks in the remaining material, leaving a clean, sound surface with excellent bonding properties for the new material

The rate of removal is heavily dependent on the amount of water directed towards the concrete surface, and consequently the area and depth of removal can be closely controlled. Using a high pressure water jet also makes it easy for the operator to work around obstructions; particularly when compared with conventional jackhammer methods

Advantages of Robotic Hydro Demolition

Reinforcing steel is left cleaned, but undamaged, and since there is no vibration acting on the steel, there is no danger of damaging the bond with the concrete in adjacent sound areas and creating the right conditions for further corrosion, as is the case with mechanical methods.

The patented EDS – Equal Distance System – on the Aquajet Robots offer a consistent concrete breakout irrespective of the angle of attack and a considerable increase in the speed of concrete removal versus conventional methods.

Finally, with the removal of jackhammer type tools from the hands of the operators, moving the operator away from the high pressure water and the need for a single operator there are multitude of health and safety and cost saving benefits to investing in Concrete Hydro Demolition.

For more detailed specifics on concrete hydro demolition applications please visit the Aquajet’s applications website.

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