Dynajet Cleaning Equipment


Powerful and long-lasting water jetting systems and accessories suitable for renovation, service providers, and local authorities.

Dynajet manufacture a range of cold water pressure washer’s up to 75 HP, and the hot water range up to 125HP, and 800 BAR (11,600 PSI) operating pressure. From removing chewing gum to concrete removal, right through to removing rust from metal, DYNAJET water jetting systems can be deployed in numerous sectors and work processes. Find out what DYNAJET can do in your sector.

Local Authorities

Dynajet Pressure Washers enable you to clean pedestrian precincts, steps, pavements, buildings, parks and cemeteries particularly quickly and thoroughly. Thanks to its excellent mobility, Dynajet can even be used to clean sewers, for example.


Dynajet high-pressure cleaners are particularly successful in removing earth, loess soil and loam from tractors, agricultural machinery and devices. Another ideal application for DYNAJET’s water jetting systems is the gentle removal of bark from trees.

Service Providers

DYNAJET’s wide-ranging product portfolio, with its numerous possibilities for deployment, is especially popular with service providers due to the diversity of applications it covers. From Chewing gum removal, Cleaning train stations and multi-storey car parks, Graffiti removal, Facade renovation, Roof cleaning, Paint removal, Cleaning shuttering, and Cleaning scaffolding.

Cleaning facades, roofs, or walls

Remove Coatings / Surface Preparation

Cleaning formworks, machines, silos, tarring machines or scaffolding

Cleaning paint shops, plant facilities, heat exchangers, industrial floors or cargo containers

Removing graffiti and chewing gum. Cleaning pavements, fountains or stairs

Their Products

Dynajet Pressure Washers are the perfect cleaning tool for a diverse range of applications.

Dynajet Cleaning Roads
Dynajet 350 Trailer
Dynast at Work Cleaning Roads
Dynajet 350 Open Hoses
Dynajet 350 Trailer
Dynajet 350 Trailer