Open Day Success for Asia Waterjet

Live Demonstration for Hands Free Semi Automated Cleaning Equipment

With significant support from Calreno Sdn Bhd, Asia Waterjet Equipment (AWE) recently conducted a successful and beneficial live demonstration of hands free Semi Automated heat exchanger cleaning equipment to Petro-Chemical and Oil Refinery representatives & Industrial Service Contractors.

Asia Waterjet, along with our partners have been at the forefront of promoting safer waterjetting operations in the Middle East and South East Asia and the aim of the demonstration was to highlight the developments made in semi automated equipment.

P1000453Tougher safety legislation has seen the use of hand lancing slowly become obsolete, which simultaneously created the need for semi-automated cleaning. The systems offered by Asia Waterjet Equipment are operated remotely from distance, essentially moving the human operator away from the dangerous high pressure water & flying debris.

With some small adjustments these techniques have been refined to allow heat exchangers to be cleaned faster and more consistently than the traditional hand lancing methods. Multiple tubes can be clean concurrently which helps to shorten their down time and equally as much, when tubes are “cleaner”, the efficiency for the exchanger will improve.

Peinemann 3XLTC flex lancing system and Stoneage Rigid lancing system demonstrated

IMG_20150129_124148At the open day Asia Waterjet Equipment showcased the Brand New Peinemann 3XLTC and The Stoneage Rigid Lance Machine. Both systems have their own unique advantages and can operate from 10,000psi to 40,000psi.

Esteemed guests were given the opportunity to operate the systems for themselves. The positive feedback received of the guests was that they were impressed by the versatility of the units – offering vertical and horizontal cleaning – the speed of the multiple lance system and how easy the units are to set up and operate.

The 3 XLTC was coupled to a Jetstream 350HP pump producing 15,000psi @ 121LPM. The modular design of the 3XLTC allows for easy setup and transportation within the plants, particularly for insitu cleaning.



The established Stoneage Rigid lance was setup with a Jetstream Pump producing 40KPSI @ 38LPM. Rigid lance machines are particularly strong at cleaning HDPE exchangers and Sea Water Exchangers where 40,000psi is absolutely critical.

The team at Asia Waterjet Equipment are on hand to share specialist knowledge and experience of heat exchanger cleaning, and can assist with specification of tools, nozzles and pumps.

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