Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning (Commonly referred to as “Tube Bundles”) is probably the most common application in water jetting, and the one that suffers the most from a lack of understanding of the dynamics involved.

Inefficiencies in the tools used can easily reduce the cleaning power of the high pressure pump to as little as 10% or less of it’s full capability. Even simply choosing the wrong tool and nozzle for the job means the clean can end up being much more difficult than needed.

AWE personnel have resolved tube cleaning problems all over the region, often just by improving the efficiency of existing equipment. Many consumers have been amazed at what can be achieved with the application of the correct equipment, expertise and experience.

If you have a Heat exchanger tube cleaning problem, Let us carry out a technical analysis. Its free, and we can resolve most problematic situations.

Semi Automated Systems for Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning

Semi Automated Lancing Systems such as the Stoneage Rotary Rigid Lance or the Peinemann LTC range are the best choice for reasons of safety and productivity. Compared to manual rodding, drilling, or circulating solvents or chemicals; semi automated systems are simply more effective. They also keep the operator away from the hazards of high pressure water, chemical splash back and exposure.

Compared to flexible lancing systems, rigid lancing produces more force forward for unplugging, more torque for drilling, and keeps the operator further away from the hazards of the job. That’s why lancing systems have become a standard in Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning and spread around the world over the last 15 years.

Recent developments in flex lance technology now makes them a genuine alternative to rigid lance for Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning. Systems, such as the Peinemann 3LTC Flex Frame, are fast becoming a standard for routine cleans and on turn around shutdowns due to greater flexibility at a fraction of the set-up time of a rigid lance system. The Flex Frame has the ability to be bolted directly onto the Heat Exchanger or the Fin Fan bank and offer compact cleaning solutions for both cleaning bay and insitu cleaning.

Both systems have their own individual niches, but when used in conjunction with the correct lance and nozzle they quite simply offer a far superior, more consistent and  quicker clean when compared to conventional, unsafe, hand lancing.

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