Entraining abrasive particles such as copper slag or crushed garnet into a high pressure water jet can produce either a very powerful cutting, or abrasive blasting tool suitable for use in hazardous environments where flammable gasses may be present.

The cutting tool can easily slice through more than 300 MM of steel, and has been used extensively throughout the region for pipe, tank, and vessel cutting. It was also used to cut off damaged sections of casing, and damaged well heads during firefighting operations in Kuwait in 1991.

The FEDCO system, manufactured by , also works well underwater, and has been used on many contracts in the north sea for disinvestment of offshore platforms. It has the added advantage of operating at pressures between 10,000 and 20,000 PSI, thereby eliminating the requirement for expensive ultra high pressure pumps, hoses and systems common in most other systems.

Cold cutting and blasting systems at pressures up to 40,000 PSI are available for sale or rental from , or rental from Hydroflow, and our personnel have extensive experience in their use.

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