Asia Waterjet Equipment Appointed as Authorised Distributor for Vertidrive

Asia Waterjet Equipment (AWE), the largest supplier of Hydrojet and Pump Systems in the GCC region, have today announced its appointment as Exclusive Authorised Distributor of Vertidrivev’s robotic waterblasting solutions.

Vertidrive are a Dutch manufacturer of semi-automated crawler equipment for surface preparation of large steel surfaces using ultra-high pressure waterblasting. Offering an increase in efficiency at least 6 times that of a traditionally operated hand gun, Vertidrive’s innovative engineering will serve as a huge advantage to markets spanning Shipyards, and Pipeline Contractors, through to Storage Tank Refurbishment Contractors.

Remote controlled Waterblasting Surface Preparation

Remote controlled Waterblasting Surface Preparation

A commitment to Health and Safety

As a member of the WaterJet Technology Association, Asia Waterjet’s commitment to improving Health and Safety is clear. AWE’s push to introduce cutting-edge technologies to the Middle East and South East Asian market has found Vertidrive’s remote-controlled Waterblasting solutions meet, and exceed, customer requirements of efficiency whilst ensuring operator safety and comfort.

Free Vertidrive Demonstration & Training

Asia Waterjet have the Vertidrive Handy as well as the M3 Robot with an M4 conversion kit, available for on and off-site demonstration.

For More Information Contact:

Using our Contact Form contact local sales offices to arrange technical discussions and demonstrations.
For more information about Vertidrive and their Equipment, please visit our Vertidrive page.

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