Asia Waterjet team up with KOKS Special Products

Asia Waterjet, the market leaders in the supply of High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Jetting Equipment, further expanded its commitment to bringing the world’s strongest products to the Industrial Cleaning markets of the Middle East, with the signing of a landmark representation agreement with KOKS Special Products from The Netherlands.

KOKS Special ProductsThe agreement covers the KOKS range of special products, but predominantly focuses on the supply and representation of their extremely successful EcoVac and MegaVac range of vacuum trucks in the G.C.C (Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait).

Following the signing of the agreement Mark Zwart, Export Manager for KOKS Special Products, outlined just what it means to the KOKs group to have quality local representation and why they chose AWE;

“For more than 25 years, KOKS Special Products have been building a reputation for manufacturing superior quality products, so it is important that when we look to strengthen our worldwide dealer network we select well-established parties who can relate to our philosophies and add value to our name. In Asia Waterjet we truly feel we have partnered with the best company available in the region to help push our products forward”

Steve Ellis, Operations Director at AWE, was delighted to announce the news of the new partnership with KOKS Special Products

“When you visit KOK’s outstanding facility in Alkmaar the first thing you notice is the professionalism of the company and the quality in their processes. We were very impressed with their adaptable product range which is very much in line with the common customer requirements of the Middle East”

“KOKS Special Products have a very good reputation within the region already with a very loyal customer base, particularly in Saudi Arabia. With the addition of the KOK’s products we have the ability to offer our customers (in the rest of the G.C.C) one of the very best industrial vacuum trucks in the world”

Mark’s finished with how they came to approach AWE and how this helps the customers of the Middle East;

“We spent some time analysing the industrial services market across the G.C.C, and asking the opinions of our established customer base in the region. The results were clear so we approached AWE about representing our products”

In AWE we have partnered with a company that already represents some of the worlds most successful and recognisable industrial cleaning brands like Jetstream, Stoneage and Peinemann. The synergy between our products helps to complete a product range that not only KOKS Special Products Group and AWE benefit from, but a mutual target customer base that can begin to source their industrial cleaning products from one reliable supplier”

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