New Orbi-Jet Nozzle Increases Productivity Three-fold

Jetstream, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of Hydro-blasting solutions, last month released its newest product; the Orbi-Jet X22. Asia Waterjet Equipment, Jetstream’s only Authorised Distributor in the Middle East and South East Asia, have just taken in stock, ready to be shipped out for delivery.

The new self-rotating, 22,000PSI Orbi-Jet X22 Nozzle features four compound-angle jets, providing a spray pattern 50% wider cleaning path, -equating to an increased productivity level of 150% when compared to other leading brands.

Free Orbi-Jet Demo and Training

With hundreds of AWE-packaged pumps already in use in the region, Asia Waterjet Equipment are offering free demonstrations to those already using Jetstream equipment, and free training, as is standard with all of Asia Waterjet’s solutions.Orbi-Jet Performance Comparison

Easily convertible to function at 15,000 PSI with one single adaptor, the high-performance Orbi-Jet X22 Nozzle, offers its users three working methods from one Nozzle; a narrow path requires just two nozzle jets, for a wide path, simply turn to the alternate ‘w’ wide path jets, and for a complete clean, switch to using all four nozzle jets.

Jetstream’s Orbi-Jet rebuild kit is easier and simpler to install in-field, a rebuild takes around 7 min; and the Maintenance Kit Change just 5 min.

For more information, or to book your demo, please call +971 4 881 0061 or complete our Contact Form

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