AWE recently commissioned and tested three items purchased by our customer in Oman to assist them with their crude oil storage tank sludge removal work.

The hydraulically operated dozer can be controlled manually with a ‘sit on’ operator or remotely using a hydraulic lever operating station.

It was put through its paces in our customer’s yard as all the technicians had some fun driving it around, pushing tyres with it and driving up and down ramps.

It can be dis-assembled in 5 minutes into component parts that will fit through a standard tank manway for re-assembly inside the tank.

Also tested was a hydraulically operate progressive cavity pump which will be utilised on site to move the sludge once it has been collected by the dozer.

It has both forward and reverse operation to assist if any blockages should occur due to oversized solids entering the inlet.

Both the dozer and the pump can be operated simultaneously using the double power pack that AWE also supplied.

The double power pack produces enough flow and pressure to drive the dozer and the pump saving space, fuel and spares inventory.

Please contact AWE for more information or a quotation.