Pioneer Pump Appoints Asia Waterjet Equipment as Authorised Distributor

Seeking to ensure regional sales and excellence in customer service, Pioneer Pump, last week announced it had signed an agreement with Asia Waterjet Equipment (AWE), to serve as it’s newest Authorised Distributor.

Pioneer are market leaders in centrifugal pumps, engineering the highest performing pumps for use in Oil & Gas, Industrial, Pipeline Pre-Commissioning, Agriculture, Mining, Municipal, and general applications.

Asia Waterjet Equipment are well established as the largest supplier of Hydrojet and pump systems in the GCC region, and have packaged a wide range of centrifugal pumps for a multitude of applications.

With various AWE packaged pumpsets already in use across the GCC region, the new alignment between AWE and Pioneer will bring additional assurances for clients requiring excellence in their centrifugal pumpsets.

The Agreement comes as AWE continues to expand its centrifugal offerings in the UAE. In addition to the above applications, AWE are bringing to market, a new oil tank re-suspension package. This new technology uses a chemical-free, non-man entry method of reclaiming up-to 90% of trapped hydrocarbons from storage tank sludge.

Tim Young, Business Development Manager for AWE said

“Working alongside Pioneer Pump as one of their preferred partners in the Middle East will allow our customers increased assurances in the quality of engineering and after-sales support.”Tim Young (AWE)

Paul Skippins, Commercial Sales Director for Pioneer Pump agrees, stating

“Asia Waterjet’s reputation for quality and efficiency, and the company’s success in the Hydrojet industry, makes them ideal partners for increasing our reach and ensuring our pumps are being packaged to their best advantage.”Paul Skippins (Pioneer)

For More Information Contact:
Tim Young (Business Development)
Conni Rayner (Marketing & PR)