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Schafer & Urbach

AWE are proud to announce a partnership in the GCC with Schafer & Urbach (S&U) GmbH, a manufacturer of High Quality triplex plunger, high pressure Mud / Well Service / Frac Pumps from Germany.

They combine traditional German values of high quality engineering and manufacturing, with innovative engineering and technological developments such as condition monitoring systems.

Schafer & Urbach’s high horsepower pumps from AWE, are Packaged in AWE’s Jebel Ali Free Zone facility in Dubai, UAE, and are supplied across the GCC.

Features of the S&U pump include:

  • Horizontal center-split housing in an extremely rigid welded construction.
  • Single-piece crankshafts made of high strength forged steel.
  • Europe-manufactured, solid anti-friction bearings.
  • Play-free spherical crosshead bearings in bronze, with exchangeable cylinder liners to SCHÄFER & URBACH specifications.
  • Single and double-circuit forced lubrication for external supply and cooling, enabling the use of the total speed range from zero to max speed.

Schafer & Urbach Product Gallery

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