Stoneage, Inc. was founded in 1980 by John Wolgamott and Jerry Zink, specifically to design and build waterblast tools. Through their 30 years in business they have produced numerous tools, primarily for industrial cleaning and surface preparation, and are now the leading manufacturer of waterblast tools worldwide. Stoneage is a founding member of WJTA, the Waterjet Technology Association.

They specialise in mechanised equipment and rotary nozzles, and Many of their tools carry U.S, and international design patents.

The company has grown from two founding fathers to a current staff of over 60 employees. Major departments include engineering and tool design, computerised fabrication, quality control, assembly and testing, and information systems. Stoneage is an employee-owned company.

They also have authorised repair centers around the world, and AWE is the only one in this region. Stoneage recommend AWE to service and repair their tools quickly and conveniently. Check out the Stoneage website, www. stoneagetools.com for additional information.

AWE is one of their largest international dealers and they are proud to be associated with the AWE offices in Dubai and Singapore.

Products include:

  • Rotary and stationary lance Tube lancing machines
  • Rotary lance pipe cleaning machines.
  • Rotating tube and pipe cleaning nozzles.
  • Rotating gun nozzles for surface surface cleaning and removal of paint, corrosion, and rubber or plastic coatings.
  • Tank and vessel cleaning systems.
  • Deck blasters.
  • Rotating downhole cleaning nozzles
  • Rotating sewer cleaning nozzles

Stoneage Product Gallery

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