The Innovative Force in Water Jet Technology.

Terydon, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing high pressure waterjet systems, tooling, and accessories since 1994.

Terydon has combined efforts over the years with contractors, manufacturers, to design high quality, cost effective, consumer-specific equipment.

Twenty years of ultrahigh pressure experience and over twenty years of developing, designing, and implementing high volume cutting on site has equipped Terydon with reliable and beneficial knowledge in dealing with varying surfaces and jobs.

Their Products

Hydro Abrasive Cold Cutting Equipment.

Terydon's Jack Track

Jack Track Straight Track

Made of a special semi-rigid, yet flexible composite, Jack Track eliminates the “cogging” of typical gear drives providing smooth feed resulting in smooth cuts.

Its lateral and longitudinal flexibility makes precision cutting achievable without special set-up techniques and mounts.

Terydon's Circle Cutter

Circle/Pipe Cutter

Labeled “The Best Cutting System on the Market”, the Circle Cutter compliments the Jack Track and the Mini Radius Cutter by either mounting for a Pipe Cut or attaching for a Radius Cut.

Terydon's Mini Radius Cutter

Mini-Radius Cutter

Featuring ease and convenience in set-up and maneuverability, the Mini-Radius Cutter cuts small radii in door sheets, small entries, and lifting holes.

Terydon's Cutting Head

TCH-2 cutting head

The versatile TCH-2 cutting head incorporates patented state of the art design, simple construction, and easy-to-replace consumables.