Aquajet Systems for Hydrodemolition

Aquajet Systems AB: Proven Hydrodemolition Equipment

Aquajet are the market leaders in cutting edge robotic concrete hydro-demolition solutions.

Aquajet manufacture the best Hydrodemolition equipment on the market. Their dedication to in house design and continuous development, makes their products and solutions more efficient, productive, robust and environmentally friendly.

Their flexible and upgradeable robots have been developed to suit all kinds of applications, whether diesel propelled or electrical driven. With their extensive line of accessories such as Rotolances, Parapet Beams, Under Bridge beams, Circular Power Head, and much more you can be assured you will find a solution to every Hydrodemolition situation. All of their accessories can be used on any of their robots.

All AQUA CUTTER robots, rail systems and accessories, are designed specifically for the purpose intended. There are no attempts to take any shortcuts or use any proprietary units as the basis of design or construction. From the first line on state of the art CAD drawing systems, every feature and detail is custom designed to meet the customer’s high expectations on efficiency, function, productivity, and reliability of the equipment.


Safety is one of the important priorities for our customers; a training course will be part of our delivery. This course will, in general, take place at the customers working facilities and/or jobsite. The course participants will go through a detailed program with practice in Safety, Operation and Service of the equipment. A certificate of approval will be issued to each attendant who fulfills the training.

Demolition Robots

Aquajet Robot for HydrodemolitionAQUA CUTTER robots operate using an easily programmed automated control system.

Spines and Frames

Aquajet Robot for HydrodemolitionAQUA SPINE is an innovative multi-modular system for surfaces that may otherwise be inaccessible. It is used extensively on and off-shore constructions as well as power plants.

Hydrodemolition Robot Accessories

Aquajet Robot for HydrodemolitionAQUAJET ROBOT ACCESSORIES include the following: Circular Power Head, Hybrid Kit, Extension Kit, Rotolance, Tunnel Kit.

Their Products

Dedicated to the continuous innovation of their products, Aquajet manufacture arguably the best Hydrodemolition equipment available in the market.

Powerful Hydrodemolition Robots by Aquajet
Aquajet Spine Frame for Demolition by Waterblasting
Rotolance for Aquajet Waterblasting Demolition Robot
Aquajet Robot for Hydrodemolition
Aquajet Robot for Hydrodemolition
Aqua jet Waterblasting Demolition Robot Hybrid Kit
Frame for Aquajet Hydrodemolition Robot
Waterblasting with Jetstream Pump and Aquajet Hydro Demolition Robot
Waterblasting with Jetstream Pump and Aquajet Hydro Demolition Robot
Waterblast Equipment Aquajet Extension