Pipeline Flooding

Pipeline Flooding is the process of filling pipelines, typically with water, during pigging operations or in preparation for pipeline testing. Pigging is conducted at the pre-commissioning stage to remove debris or corrosion and gauge the quality of the pipe construction and installation. Once the pigging is complete the pipeline can be hydrostatically tested and then dewatered. During maintenance operations pigging is also used to remove the buildup of solids, scale and/or wax. These deposits reduce the flow capacity of the pipeline, so it is important to take preventative measures to keep the assets clean, inspected and operating at their optimum capacity. AWE support pipeline installation and maintenance companies with robust multistage pumps for pipeline flooding and testing. With a reliable multistage pump with ranges up to 1000m3/h and up to 130 bar, coupled with the engine of your choice, we are helping contractors get the work done safely, effectively and efficiently, without and downtime concerns.

Why customers come to us:

  • Support is from a trusted engineering team that accurately select the pump and customise to the application to ensure reliability and robustness
  • Dry self prime integration to cut down additional priming pumps at site
  • Rugged by design - our pump packages stand the test of time
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