HP/UHP Triplex Pumps

The Asia Waterjet Equipment machines, built around the Jetstream pump range is the most versatile, reliable, user friendly high pressure water jetting system available with a pressure range up to 40,000psi and a variety of suitable flows. Jetstream units are unique in 3 ways: 1. SERVICEABILITY - there are no special tools or equipment required, you can conduct a packing seal change in 5 minutes and Jetstream’s unique pop out cartridge valve change takes 15 min. 2. SIMPLICITY - there are only 37 parts in total in the fluid end. The unique Uni-Valve one piece cartridge includes suction and discharge valves, seats and springs and a swing down manifold for easy access. 3. VERSATILITY - Jetstream lets you convert operating pressure on the job. Change from 300 bar to 2750 bar in 50 minutes by bolting on Jetstream’s fluid end conversion for most makes of pumps

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HP/UHP Triplex Pumps


  • Versatile pumps which can be built to individual specifications
  • Customisable unit options - trailer, canopy or skid mounted


  • Easily upgradeable - pressure conversions can be completed in 30 minutes with only 37 parts in the fluid end
  • Packing changes can be completed in 5 minutes with no special tools

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