Drill Pipe Cleaning

Drill pipe is used in almost every region of the world and continually needs cleaned and serviced. Contamination levels vary to include NORM/LSA which needs contained and removed in a safe efficient manner. AWE have designed a bespoke decontamination unit with automated loading and unloading of drill pipe. Jetting at 40k psi with a Jetstream pump and Stoneage Tools automation the operator work from the safety and comfort of an air conditioned control station inside the unit. Wash water and contamination in contained to prevent run off to ground or air contamination to others near by.

Why customers come to us:

  • Efficient means to remove internal and external contaminants
  • Enclosed jetting solutions to contain waste or dangerous materials
  • Fully automated systems to eliminate manual handling and reduce vehicle movements
  • Ultra High Pressure jetting solution
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