Drill Pipe Cleaning

Drill pipes are one of the most integral components of drilling operations, particularly in the energy and petrochemical industry. Due to the types of fluids these pipes are moving and the underground conditions in which they operate, it is crucial that they are on a strict maintenance schedule for drill pipe cleaning so that they can be cleaned and serviced. Otherwise, these pipes can quickly deteriorate from wear and tear, and ruin products due to high contamination levels of products such as NORM/LSA. That being said, cleaning and maintaining these pipes is dangerous work for humans, so it is imperative that you utilize machines that can do the job safely and efficiently. For drill pipe cleaning, AWE have designed a bespoke decontamination unit with automated loading and unloading of drill pipe. The system - driven by a Jetstream triplex pump - uses ultra high pressure water jets at 40,000 psi through StoneAge Tools automated equipment to effectively remove contamination from the ID and OD of pipes and other components such as valves. Wash water and contamination are contained and can be filtered through an integrated filtration system to recycle through the pump system. The StoneAge ID and OD cleaning systems are also available as stand alone units for use in drill pipe cleaning in smaller yard spaces.

Why customers come to us:

  • We offer efficient means to remove internal and external contaminants.
  • Our products feature enclosed jetting solutions to contain waste or dangerous materials.
  • Options include fully automated systems to eliminate manual handling and reduce vehicle movements.
  • AWE Custom Built Jetstream High Pressure Triplex Pump is an ultrahigh pressure jetting solution.

To learn more about our drill pipe cleaning products and accessories, reach out to Asia Waterjet today.

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