Radial Diaphragm Pumps

Flowplant - Harben P type radial diaphragm pumps provide high pressure discharge with high flow. The radial piston pump allows for continues flow with no pulsation via its multi-cylinder design utilizing 6 or 8 pistons/diaphragms. These pumps can be converted to different pressure and flows without the need to change the pistons making them a unique and versatile unit. Utilizing a diaphragm compressed by the piston makes these units: 1. Reliable with long service intervals for pump internals. 2. Allow the units to be run dry briefly without damage should there be a water supply shortage. 3. Handle fluid temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius without damage 4. Utilize relatively poor-quality water with the standard filter being only 150 microns.

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Radial Diaphragm Pumps


  • Multi cylinder design
  • Simple and versatile diaphragm concept
  • Compact trailer mounted units & van packs available


  • Can be run dry briefly in case of water supply shortage
  • Long service intervals
  • Can be easily converted to different pressures and flows without the need to change pistons

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