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Building Cleaning

In an ever-growing world, new and old buildings require cleaning to maintain appearances and integrity of building materials
AWE can provide efficient and safe solutions for façade cleaning, forecourt cleaning, water feature cleaning, car park cleaning, window cleaning, wall cleaning and more. Most applications in building cleaning can be accommodated with a single pump system with a variety of accessories for each application, reducing cost of investment and improving versatility to accommodate larger scopes of work. When utilizing our systems, you remove the need for multiple suppliers and can rely on AWE for full support on your equipment.
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Fuel Station Tank/Forecourt Cleaning

Petrol stations & Kiosks pump thousands of litres of fuel a day to motor vehicles, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Underground fuel storage tanks can be contaminated by rain water, sand, dirt, vegetation or from internal corrosion and flaking of coating or rust and due to the toxic and flammable atmosphere inside, they are costly and difficult to clean. The FTC remotely operated system though chemical spray, high pressure washing & sludge removal can perform this cleaning task without exposing workers to any risk while being faster and safer.
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A means to selectively remove concrete in a controlled manner, to a pre-set depth, without damaging the rebar & which cleans couplers & starter bars, producing no micro cracks while removing low, pour quality concrete.
Without the need for scaffolding, the wireless remotely operated robots can replace up to 5 hand held water jetting guns, 25 laborers with hand held jack hammers or 3 excavators with jack hammers. Hydro demolition UHP waterjetting is recommended in European Standards SS EN 1504-10 2017 for repair, restoration and new construction works.
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Lake/Lagoon/Fountain Cleaning

Accumulated sediment from water runoff, from air borne dust, rain, waste, sewage & sea water contaminate our water reservoirs. Whether this water is used for human consumption, industrial processing or astatically as in a fountain, over time and open to the environment this water will become contaminated.
Contaminants, sediments & waste can be removed from the bottom of lakes/ lagoons/ or fountains with an industrial remotely operated vehicle designed to wash, brush & vacuum the bottom and the water removed can be filtered and reused
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Machinery Washdown/Cleaning

Industrial machinery and equipment is a big investment for any company, so maintaining and cleaning these investments is fundamental in order to keep your operations running and reduce repair costs.
AWE can provide solutions for yard equipment cleaning, ship and vessel cleaning pumps, DNV certified rig equipment including rig safe zone 2 certified units, custom solutions for food production facilities, power plant equipment cleaning and recreational facilities.
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Pipe Cleaning

Clean and blockage free pipework is essential in any piping process.
When there is disruption to flow turn to AWE water jetting solutions. We have a range of nozzle and automated hose deployment systems to navigate bends in pipes from 2” upwards.
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Road/Pavement/Car Park Maintenance & Cleaning

Road marking removal, car park cleaning, wall cleaning, kerb cleaning, transport system cleaning, car park/road maintenance and everything in-between can be covered from our wide range of small portable systems. Electrically driven, diesel driven and petrol driven portable pumps are available with many selections. These pump selections include basic trolley systems, trailer mounted systems with mounted water tanks and even custom solutions for outfitting your existing fleet of Vans/Pickup trucks.
When efficiency, mobility, reliability and versatility are key factors in your operations, AWE can accommodate your needs.
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Sewer Cleaning

To clean sewers and drains you need confidence that the tools you use will work.
Sometimes clearing obstructions can be harder than expected but, AWE have the tools from the Sewer cleaning nozzles and trailer pump range to robotic solutions for the removal of blockages and waste that will cause major issues. Our market leading sewer nozzles and robot solutions give you the confidence to get the job done.