Lake/Lagoon/Fountain Cleaning

Accumulated sediment from water runoff, from air borne dust, rain, waste, sewage & sea water contaminate our water reservoirs. Whether this water is used for human consumption, industrial processing or astatically as in a fountain, over time and open to the environment this water will become contaminated. Contaminants, sediments & waste can be removed from the bottom of lakes, lagoons or fountains with an industrial remotely operated vehicle designed to wash, brush & vacuum the bottom and the water removed can be filtered and reused.

Why customers come to us:

  • Small portable equipment for easy mobilisation and transport
  • Electrical/diesel driven options available to accommodate on site or remote location requirements
  • Multiple pressure options to prevent surface damage
  • Submersible robotic systems options available to remove diving risks
  • Built in pumping system in our robotic solutions removes the requirement to source multiple systems
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