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UWSH Seminar 2022 – Silver Sponsor

Less than 1 month until the inaugural Underwater Ships Husbandry Port Authority Seminar in Dubai where we are delighted to feature as a silver sponsor. The Seminar will combine technical inputs from diving industry experts, recommended operational guidelines and practices, and hands-on experiences carried…

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40k Pump off to Egypt

Shipped out to Egypt, this Jetstream unit will be used in refineries with its performance of 45lpm @ 40,000 psi being ideal for industrial cleaning tasks such as exchanger tube cleaning. Included with the sale of each pump unit is a comprehensive product familiarization…

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Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning Robotics

Cleaning of cooling towers & lagoons is an important task. Debris such as waste & sediment can settle and accumulate at the bottom of these underwater environments, adversely affecting the production and water quality. The Bull underwater ROV is ideal for this work…

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Available to Rent: Aquajet Hydro-Demolition Equipment

π—›π˜†π—±π—Ώπ—Όπ—±π—²π—Ίπ—Όπ—Ήπ—Άπ˜π—Άπ—Όπ—»: the preferred method for rehabilitation and repair of concrete constructions. Accurate depth control can be guaranteed by setting equipment pressures and flow. Variables typical in manual operations are removed, delivering confidence by design. π—•π—²π—»π—²π—³π—Άπ˜π˜€ π—Άπ—»π—°π—Ήπ˜‚π—±π—²: β˜‘οΈ 25x faster operations than handheld jackhammers β˜‘οΈ…

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Now Hiring: Customer Service Coordinator – Singapore

Our customer service team are the key link between us and our customers. They are the focal point for customer experience and their service and support fundamentally help us to build on our reputation as one of the leading suppliers of waterjet and centrifugal…

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Stoneage Hose Management

Adding a hose/lance management system to your job site such as the StoneAge containment system has many benefits, for both your operators and your equipment: βœ”οΈ Reduces hose & lance wear from abrasion on hard surfaces βœ”οΈ Reduces trip hazards in high pressure blasting…

Why choose Asia Water Jet?

Since our early days in 1990, AWE has established a reputation for quality and excellence that few can rival. Being pump-proficient is the foundation of our business.


With our in-depth industry knowledge and our expansive product portfolio, Asia Waterjet Equipment is your single source for all ultra high-pressure pump and centrifugal pump requisites.


With offices in Singapore, Dubai, and presence across the Middle East and South East Asia, we have sales managers on hand ready to help. This means we can offer prompt response times, express spare parts delivery and swift lead times.


Each pump set is customized to your specifications. More than just engine size, crash frames, canopies and trailers, our pumps can be hazardous areas and ATEX Zone certified.
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