Compact Triplex Pumps

We understand that for some applications, size and agility matters. The Dynajet range utilizes positive displacement type plunger pumps and are available in small portable trolley high pressure units with electrical, diesel or petrol driven motors and the ability to add a water heater for difficult water jet cleaning applications available from 180 Bar up to 1000 Bar. These are compact, well-built, durable units from Germany and are ergonomically designed to be user friendly systems. Also available from Dynajet are trailer/skid mounted Ultra high pressure units with built in water heaters powered by diesel drive trains. Specific models from Dynajet have variable optional add-ons from adjustable regulators, spark arrestors, chalwyn valves to radio remote controls and further options.

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Compact Triplex Pumps


  • Compact trailer & trolley mounted options
  • Electrical/diesel/petrol options
  • Various performance options


  • Easily deployable
  • Accessories available for multiple operations

Suitable for use in applications