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Dewatering is a necessity in most construction sites close to sea level or where the water table is high and ground water is a problem. The practice of dewatering allows construction to continue safely and prepare the worksite for dry base to work from.
AWE has supported construction service companies with dewatering pumps for over 10 years. Through the range of Pioneer pump products, we are able to offer dewatering pumps with suction lift capabilities over 7 meters deep. Our clients use these pumps in a variety of applications including wellpoint or sump pumping and can be used to lift water from wells at depths well below ground level or to feed other booster pumps.
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Machinery Washdown/Cleaning

Industrial machinery and equipment is a big investment for any company, so maintaining and cleaning these investments is fundamental in order to keep your operations running and reduce repair costs.
AWE can provide solutions for yard equipment cleaning, ship and vessel cleaning pumps, DNV certified rig equipment including rig safe zone 2 certified units, custom solutions for food production facilities, power plant equipment cleaning and recreational facilities.
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Process Pumps

AWE offer both API and non-API process pumps for a range of applications across many industries.
Process pumps are used in various industries including Oil & Gas, Chemical processing, Municipal Water, General industry, Paper & Pulp. Our range of Disc pumps are used in extreme applications to transfer heavy or high solid content liquids in crude oil, slurries, sludge & for multiphase flow (gas-liquid-solid) application. A wide range of Disc Pump models is available, including horizontal end-suction, close-coupled, ANSI, API-610, and submersible configurations, for flow rates from 2 GPM to 10,000 GPM. The pump’s unique non-turbulent, non-impingement mechanism is designed specifically to handle abrasive, corrosive shear sensitive, viscous, high-solids and/or gas-entrained slurries. Disc Pumps with its high tolerance to solids, entrained gas, broad range of viscosity and low NPSH requirement, replaces the conventional positive displacement pump with increase in system efficiency and reduced maintenance downtime and life cycle cost.