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Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is often used as a method to remove solids or deposits from process equipment by flushing chemicals through pipes and tubes as an alternative to mechanical or hydrojetting methods. In pre commissioning stages, debris and deposits such as mill scale, weld slag, oil, grease, sand and other materials need to be removed before starting up the process. These contaminants could otherwise cause critical failure in rotating equipment and other process equipment. During maintenance and shutdown operations chemical cleaning is occasionally considered due to access or the process product deposited on the pipes or tubes.
AWE provide a range of chemical cleaning pumps designed for your specific needs. We offer pumps in a range of materials depending on the chemical you intend to us and will offer support to ensure you have a solution that provides you with the versatility to cover your requirements.
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Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning

Waste, sediment, calcites & harmful chemicals accumulate and settle at the bottom of lagoons & cooling tower basins, these effect production and water quality and can be difficult and costly to remove.
With a range of underwater remotely operated vehicles designed to operator in hazardous, toxic or temperate conditions and without interrupting production, removal of these deposits and cleaning can be carried out, effectively and without putting workers at risk.
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Fluid Transfer Pumping/Over Pumping

Maintenance of municipality utilities are a regular requirement. To avoid uninterrupted service of water, sewage and stormwater facilities, over-pumping or bypass pumping is used to pass the supply around the areas requiring maintenance without completely shutting down the network.
AWE can support your needs for over-pumping and fluid transfer. We cater to a range of features required from self-priming, high flow, high viscosity, shear sensitive and stringy solids pumping, perfect for applications in waste-water and sewage
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Hydrostatic Testing

The Jetstream pump range can be fitted with the Jetstream Hydrostatic test panel to enable the versatile units to be used for pressure testing.
With a wide range of pressures and flow the Jetstream pump is ideal for your pressure testing needs.
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Machinery Washdown/Cleaning

Industrial machinery and equipment is a big investment for any company, so maintaining and cleaning these investments is fundamental in order to keep your operations running and reduce repair costs.
AWE can provide solutions for yard equipment cleaning, ship and vessel cleaning pumps, DNV certified rig equipment including rig safe zone 2 certified units, custom solutions for food production facilities, power plant equipment cleaning and recreational facilities.
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Pipe Cleaning

Clean and blockage free pipework is essential in any piping process. When there is disruption to flow turn to AWE water jetting solutions.
We have a range of nozzle and automated hose deployment systems to navigate bends in pipes from 2” upwards.
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Process Pumps

AWE offer both API and non-API process pumps for a range of applications across many industries. Process pumps are used in various industries including Oil & Gas, Chemical processing, Municipal Water, General industry, Paper & Pulp. Our range of Disc pumps are used in extreme applications to transfer heavy or high solid content liquids in crude oil, slurries, sludge & for multiphase flow (gas-liquid-solid) application.
A wide range of Disc Pump models are available, including horizontal end-suction, close-coupled, ANSI, API-610, and submersible configurations, for flow rates from 2 GPM to 10,000 GPM. The pump’s unique non-turbulent, non-impingement mechanism is designed specifically to handle abrasive, corrosive shear sensitive, viscous, high-solids and/or gas-entrained slurries. Disc Pumps with its high tolerance to solids, entrained gas, broad range of viscosity and low NPSH requirement, replaces the conventional positive displacement pump with increase in system efficiency and reduced maintenance downtime and life cycle cost.
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Surface Preparation

Surface preparation work is required in all types of industry for the removal of coatings from steel structure and other substrate for the purpose of cleaning, fabric maintenance or repair.
AWE offers safe and efficient solutions when carrying out surface preparation. Water jetting blasting at pressures up to 40,000 Psi can provide a surface quality of WJ2 equivalent to SA 2.5 without the need for adding abrasives to the water. This creates a faster turnaround time negating the need for clean-up time after dry blasting.
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Tank & Vessel Cleaning

Confined space entry work is dangerous and requires strict control.
This can be eliminated by using remote cleaning tools and robotic solution from 3D water jetting tank cleaning heads to Zone 0 rated no man entry robotic sludge removal systems. AWE offers the industry leading safe systems for all your tank cleaning requirements.
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Tube Cleaning

Exchanger tubes need to be clean to ensure their working efficiency no matter the process application.
AWE have the right tool to tackle all tube sizes and types from exchangers to fin fans. Our automated tube cleaning equipment and nozzle range ensure safe effective cleaning first time every time. We have solutions to minimise confined space entry to a minimum and can design custom solutions for new challenging projects.