Chemical Cleaning

When you need to remove solids or deposits from process equipment, high quality chemical cleaning is required. This method flushes chemicals through your equipment's pipes and tubes and is an alternative to mechanical or hydro jetting methods. It can be utilized in a variety of industries including energy & petrochemical, marine & offshore, municipality & wastewater and industrial applications. For example, during the pre-commissioning stages of process equipment in energy industries, any debris, deposits, and contaminants that remain in the process equipment (such as mill scale, weld slag, oil, grease, and sand) must be removed. Otherwise, they will lead to critical failure in the equipment. Additionally, chemical cleaning is also recommended during maintenance and shutdown operations to ensure the equipment stays clean and works effectively. At AWE, we are known for our range of high-quality chemical cleaning pumps that are designed for your specific needs. We offer pumps in a range of materials depending on the chemical you intend to use and will offer all the support you need to ensure that you find the ideal solution for you and your requirements.

Why customers come to us:

  • Custom builds to suit site requirements
  • Robust and reliable pumps that require little maintenance
  • Fast delivery and local service support
  • Support in the local markets
  • Industry leader in chemical cleaning products and solutions

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