Cooling tower basin cleaning

Waste, sediment, calcites & harmful chemicals accumulate and settle at the bottom of lagoons & cooling tower basins, these effect production and water quality and can be difficult and costly to remove. With a range of underwater remotely operated vehicles designed to operator in hazardous, toxic or temperate conditions and without interrupting production, removal of these deposits and cleaning can be carried out, effectively and without putting workers at risk.


Drill pipe cleaning

Drill pipe is used in almost every region of the word and continually needs cleaned and serviced. Contamination levels vary to include NORM/LSA which needs contained and removed in a safe efficient manner. AWE have designed a bespoke decontamination unit with automated loading and unloading of drill pipe. Jetting at 40k psi with a Jetstream pump and Stoneage Tools automation the operator works from the safety and comfort of an air conditioned control station inside the unit. Wash water and contamination in contained to prevent run off to ground or air contamination to others near by.


Fuel station tank & forecourt cleaning

Petrol stations & Kiosks pump thousands of litres of fuel a day to motor vehicles, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Underground fuel storage tanks can be contaminated by rain water, sand, dirt, vegetation or from internal corrosion and flaking of coating or rust and due to the toxic and flammable atmosphere inside, they are costly and difficult to clean. The FTC remotely operated system though chemical spray, high pressure washing & sludge removal can perform this cleaning task without exposing workers to any risk while being faster and safer.



A means to selectively remove concrete in a controlled manner, to a pre-set depth, without damaging the rebar & which cleans couplers & starter bars, producing no micro cracks while removing low, pour quality concrete. Without the need for scaffolding, the wireless remotely operated robots can replace up to 5 hand held water jetting guns, 25 labourers with hand held jack hammers or 3 excavators with jack hammers. Hydro-demolition UHP waterjetting is recommended in European Standards SS EN 1504-10 2017 for repair, restoration and new construction works.


Pipe cleaning

Clean and blockage free pipework is essential in any piping process. When there is disruption to flow turn to AWE water jetting solutions. We have a range of nozzle and automated hose deployment systems to navigate bends in pipes from 2” upwards.


Sludge/sediment removal – storage tanks & pits

In oil refineries, processing plants & storage facilities, crude oil & other products are left stationary for long periods of time, the heavier product settles on the tank bottom, this sediment or sludge can accumulate in vast amounts and can be unevenly distributed on the tank bottom. Crude extracted from the ground also includes vegetation, sand, shell, stone aggregate and water and when left stationary, these components separate due to gravity. Causing inconstancy in product stock to the refinery process is one issue, but it does not stop there. This sludge takes up valuable tank storage space and as it is uneven spread over the tank bottom can cause stress on the tank structure and concertation’s of tank bottom corrosion. In large tanks with a floating roof, such uneven sludge accumulation may prevent the tank roof from being landed or even damage the tank roof or side shell.


Tube cleaning

Exchanger tubes need to be clean to ensure their working efficiency no matter the process application. AWE have the right tool to tackle all tube sizes and types from exchangers to fin fans. Our automated tube cleaning equipment and nozzle range ensure safe effective cleaning first time every time. We have solutions to minimise confined space entry to a minimum and can design custom solutions for new challenging projects.


Tank & vessel cleaning

Confined space entry work is dangerous and requires strict control. This can be eliminated by using remote cleaning tools and robotic solution from 3D water jetting tank cleaning heads to Zone 0 rated no man entry robotic sludge removal systems. AWE offers the industry leading safe systems for all your tank cleaning requirements.