Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning

At the bottom of every lagoon and cooling tower basin are wastes, sediment, calcites, and harmful chemicals. These things accumulate and settle, adversely affecting the production and water quality. Unfortunately, they can also be challenging and expensive to remove, and dangerous for workers; however, it has to be done. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you utilize an underwater remotely operated vehicle that is specifically designed to operate in these hazardous, toxic, or temperate conditions. Equipment such as the Gerotto Bull is ideal for this work as you can use it to remove the deposits and clean the lagoon or cooling tower basin without needing to halt production. AWE is pleased to offer the Gerotto Bull as it works effectively and efficiently, and keeps your workers out of risk.

Why customers come to us:

  • They want to do the job in the most productive manner possible
  • The job needs to be done online without shutting down the plant
  • They are working in hazardous areas where sending people is unsafe
  • Support in the local markets
  • Industry leader in cooling tower basin cleaning products and solutions

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