Fuel Station Tank/Forecourt Cleaning

In order for fuel to be readily available, petrol stations and kiosks have to be primed and equipped to pump thousands of liters all day, every day. Whether you have above-ground or underground fuel storage tanks, it is crucial that they are ready to go whenever fuel is needed. However, due to the toxic and flammable nature of the fluids they are holding, these fuel storage tanks can quickly suffer from internal corrosion, flaking of the coating or rust. In addition, they can become contaminated by rainwater, sand, and other types of dirt, which can significantly affect the quality of the fuel and the tanks’ ability to function. In this case, prevention is always better than cure because once a fuel tank starts to rust or becomes contaminated, it can be costly and challenging to clean. For this reason, every fuel tank should be cleaned and maintained consistently by an industrial tank cleaning robot. The best way to conduct this cleaning is through a no-man-entry remotely operated system that uses chemical sprays, high-pressure washing and sludge removal, such as the Gerotto FTC. This type of system is efficient, safe, and cost-effective and can extend the performance of your fuel tank.

Why customers come to us:

  • We offer a complete zone-rated explosion-proof system that removes the operator from confined space work.
  • Our products are very efficient, compact and easy to handle on-site.
  • Our catalogue features cost-effective solutions.

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