Tank & Vessel Cleaning

Tanks, vessels or tankers are used mainly to transport hazardous substances, typically petroleum and petrochemicals. Over time, tanks & vessels carrying fossil fuels and their derivatives can develop sludge. Tank walls can also rust and flake, contaminating the products they hold and leading to the accumulation of sediment. The fouling of tank vessels has direct business consequences. Product contamination leads to the degradation of product quality, wastage, and ultimately loss of potential profit. Tank vessel cleaning is, therefore, important and is something that must be done regularly to prevent losses. Tank vessels are confined spaces, however, and given the nature of the function they serve, tank vessel cleaning can be dangerous work. For the safety of your personnel, tank vessel cleaning is best accomplished with the use of an industrial tank cleaning robot. AWE provides robotic tank cleaning equipment and confined space cleaning robot solutions. Our ATEX Zone 0 rated no man entry tank cleaning equipment provides strict controls and thorough sludge removal and sediment cleanup without endangering the safety of your personnel. Our range of remote tank cleaning solutions also includes 3D water jetting tank cleaning heads.

Why customers come to us:

  • ATEX Zone 0 robotic no man entry tank cleaning equipment and industrial tank cleaning robot system
  • Fast, efficient, and cost-saving solutions
  • Compact footprint and reduced manning on projects
  • 3D water jetting tank cleaning heads available to suit varied flow rates and pressure requirements
  • Robotic tank cleaning options remove the operator from hazardous areas and reduce confined space entries

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