Sludge/Sediment Removal - Storage Tanks & Pits

In oil refineries, processing plants & storage facilities, crude oil & other products are left stationary for long periods of time, the heavier product settles on the tank bottom, this sediment or sludge can accumulate in vast amounts and can be unevenly distributed on the tank bottom. Crude extracted from the ground also includes vegetation, sand, shell, stone aggregate and water and when left stationary, these components separate due to gravity. Causing inconsistency in product stock to the refinery process is one issue, but it does not stop there. This sludge takes up valuable tank storage space and as it is uneven spread over the tank bottom can cause stress on the tank structure and concertation’s of tank bottom corrosion. In large tanks with a floating roof, such uneven sludge accumulation may prevent the tank roof from being landed or even damage the tank roof or side shell.

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  • ATEX Zone 0 rated equipment available
  • No man entry options available
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