Surface Preparation

Industrial water jetting is a surface preparation technique. High-pressure water jet cleaning ensures surfaces are thoroughly washed and cleaned of dust and debris. An industrial water jetting machine creates hydro jets with sufficient force to strip materials of stubborn contaminants and even coatings off their surfaces. Surface preparation is done to prep a surface for further processing, such as maintenance, repair, welding, painting, water-proofing, corrosion-proofing, and coating applications. In the context of industrial water jetting, surface preparation involves blasting concrete, steel, aluminum, plastic, or wooden surfaces with a stream of high-pressure water, which may or may not be mixed with abrasives. This is done to remove mill scales formed on metal after the hot rolling process. It may also be performed to remove old paint, rust, and marine growth like barnacles and mussels. Additionally, it can be done to degrease a surface, remove residue, and get rid of surface imperfections. AWE provides a range of industrial water jetting systems suitable for surface preparation work. We have ready-to-use high pressure water jet cleaning machines. We also have industrial cleaning water jetting systems that can blast water at pressures up to 40,000 psi, providing very thorough water jetting (SP WJ-2/NACE WJ-2 standards) for surfaces without the need for abrasives. We can also create custom industrial cleaning water jetting configurations to suit your requirements.

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