Machinery Washdown Cleaning

If your organisation has invested in industrial machinery and equipment, you want to make sure that it works and operates effectively for as long as possible. One of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your equipment is to use machinery washdown cleaning products regularly. Otherwise, you are at risk of having your industrial machinery and equipment shut down which, in turn, can halt operations and significantly increase repair costs. When it comes to machinery washdown cleaning products, there is no denying that AWE has the perfect solution for you. Whether you need to clean power plant equipment, yard equipment, ship and vessel pumps, rig equipment, or something else entirely, we have products and accessories that can get the job done. Additionally, we work on custom solutions for clients to ensure that we can meet their needs. In the past, we have worked on machinery washdown cleaning solutions for food production facilities and cleaning and recreational facilities (to name a few). Our machinery washdown cleaning products include the Dynajet 350ME, Dynajet 500ME, and the AWE Custom Built Jetstream High Pressure Triplex Pump.

Why customers come to us:

  • Our equipment is small and portable to ensure easy mobilisation and transportation
  • We offer both electrical and diesel-driven options to accommodate your on-site or remote location requirements
  • Each of our machinery washdown cleaning products features multiple pressure options to prevent surface damage

To learn more about our Machinery Washdown Cleaning products and accessories, reach out to Asia Waterjet Equipment today.

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