If you are working on a construction site near or close to sea level, or where groundwater poses an issue, dewatering must be carried out. This process removes the groundwater or surface water from the construction site through pumping. By conducting dewatering at your construction site, you can be assured that your workplace is safe for workers and has a dry base for the project to begin. It also helps maintain equipment and materials as you don't need to be concerned about water damage. To conduct dewatering, you will need to use high-quality, centrifugal pumps that have significant suction lift capabilities. Our portfolio of products includes custom built centrifugal pumpsets, built around the Pioneer Pump. These dewatering pump products are able to suction lift water from more than five meters deep, making them ideal for a variety of applications and construction sites.

Why customers come to us:

  • AWE Dewatering Pumps have excellent self-priming and suction lift capabilities with a compact footprint.
  • We can customize products to meet any client requirements — trailer mounted, skidded, containerized.
  • Pioneer pumps are reliable and hassle-free.

To learn more about our dewatering products, reach out to Asia Waterjet Equipment today.

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