High pressure water jetting has advanced applications. For instance, jets of pressurized water can be used in hydro demolition or hydro blasting jobs, such as stripping rebars of damaged concrete layers so they can be replaced. However, it is even more useful in building cleaning and other general cleaning applications. Facility water jet cleaning systems can be used for machinery washdown, pipe cleaning, forecourt cleaning, and sewer cleaning. They can be used for road cleaning, washing away dirt from roads, and removing road markings, and they are extremely handy for maintaining car parks. Water jet cleaning systems can also be used to deep clean pavements and remove damaged caulking and grout. Water jetting works well in facility and building cleaning applications because it is environment-friendly, especially if using only water. You can use it in hard-to-reach or inaccessible places, and it can easily and quickly remove dirt, dust, grime, deposits, residues, and biological growths. AWE has a wide range of small and portable facility water jet cleaning systems to suit various applications. We have electric and diesel powered building cleaning water jet pumps in trolley or trailer-mounted systems. These portable systems are ready and convenient to use, some with hot and cold water options and an onboard water tank for maximum versatility. We also build custom water jet cleaning solutions if none of our off-the-shelf systems fit your requirements.

Why customers come to us:

  • Small portable equipment for easy mobilization and transport
  • Electrical or diesel powered options available to accommodate on-site or remote location requirements
  • Multiple pressure options to prevent surface damage

Talk to us to find a water jet system to suit your facility maintenance and building cleaning requirements.

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