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Abrasive Blasting System

April 5, 2023 By Jessica Categories: Latest News 0 comments

Recently supplied to our Dubai customer together with a pair of 20,000psi Jetstream of Houston High Pressure Pumps – the AWE FEDCO system uses an abrasive particle such as copper slag or garnet entrained into a high pressure water jet to produce a very powerful cutting tool for use in hazardous areas where hot work is not possible.

The cold cutting technology of the AWE FEDCO system can easily slice through 300mm of steel and has been extensively used throughout the Middle East for pipe, tank and vessel cutting. Our roots began in the early 90s when our company founders used the abrasive cutting technique to cut off damaged sections of casing and damaged wellheads during the Kuwait oil fires.

Today, the passion for tackling challenges remains at AWE. We continue to deliver solutions that solve cutting and cleaning problems in hazardous areas or difficult to pump product – contact our teams for more information:

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