Sewer Cleaning

Sewers are prone to blockages but can be quite difficult to clean. However, sewer cleaning is essential to municipal wastewater management. Hydraulic sewer cleaning is one of the wastewater cleaning approaches municipalities can use to clean their sewers and clear them of sediments, debris, and other blockages. Hydraulic methods can be further categorized into hydro jetting and pipeline flushing. Hydro jetting involves using a municipality cleaning water jetting machine, which utilizes high-pressure jets of water for sediment removal, to scrape debris off sewer pipe walls, and to cut through blockages. Water jetting pumps can be customized with specialized nozzles for versatility and efficiency. Meanwhile, pipeline flushing involves accessing the wastewater line through a utility or maintenance hole and letting a high volume of water flow into the sewer pipeline, flooding it and subsequently cleaning it. Pipeline flushing typically needs to be combined with a mechanical sewer cleaning approach to be more effective. AWE has a range of sewer cleaning products and tools, and our municipality water jet cleaning options are particularly popular. We have the Harben P-Type diaphragm pump, available on its own or as part of a readily deployable vanpack system, that provides a continuous no-pulsation stream of water. It is also highly versatile with its easily adjustable flow rate and pressure settings and customizable with your choice of nozzles and accessories.

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  • Harben Pumps can run dry without damaging the pump
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