Hull Cleaning

Hull cleaning is an essential process in the marine industry as marine fouling can cause significant damage, including corrosion and deterioration of structures and parts as well as the impact of additional payload on the vessel with increased drag leading to higher SHP requirements. If not addressed in a frequent and timely manner, fuel/operational costs and potential fines can impact ship owners. In some jurisdictions it is a requirement to have regular inspections of the hull to maintain classification or membership as well as legal requirements to ensure no foreign species before enter port e.g. IACS requirement of 2 inspections in 5-year period. Hydroblasting is the ideal method for cleaning of surfaces such as ship hulls. Manual jetting methods can be used in smaller areas to clean quicker than alternatives such as abrasive blasting. Automated blasting solutions such as the Magtrack Magnetic Crawler are the optimal solution in hull cleaning applications to increase safety, increase productivity and improve surface finish quality - they remove operators from the blasting area, handle a higher flow rate than in manual gun jetting therefore are x2 more productive and also operate a consistent distance from the surface, giving a better quality surface finish. Our hull cleaning products include the AWE Custom Built Jetstream High Pressure Triplex Pump together with nozzles and accessories from StoneAge as well as the Magtrack Magnetic Crawler.

Why customers come to us:

  • Our solutions offer increased productivity
  • Automated hydroblasting solutions are a far safer alternative than abrasive blasting
  • We have unparalleled expertise to ensure that you get the optimal hull cleaning solution that you need

To learn more about our hull cleaning products and accessories, reach out to Asia Waterjet Equipment today.

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