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Automation: the faster, safer, more efficient option

November 2, 2021 By Jessica Categories: Latest News 0 comments

Automation: the faster, safer, more efficient option.

AWE offer some of the most advanced robotic equipment for the removal of waste and product from confined space and hazardous areas, hydro-demolition and automating industrial cleaning activities.
All of our automated product offerings – including the Lombrico for no-man-entry tank cleaning, StoneAge Waterblast Tools AutoBox System for hands-free exchanger tube cleaning and Aquajet Systems AB Aquacutter for hydro-demolition – share many of the same benefits:

✔️ Safer; less human exposure to hazardous products & areas
Cost saving; less manpower required when using automated solutions
✔️ Increased productivity & efficiency; less margin for error when using automated solutions – set up once and let the robot do the work
✔️ Less need for permits to work; less downtime

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