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Dynajet 350th Floor Cleaning

September 20, 2020 By Jessica Categories: Latest News 0 comments

The DYNAJET GmbH DFS 350 VAC floor-cleaning system: with 350 bar operating pressure and integrated Venturi dirt extraction, is the ideal tool for fast and efficient cleaning of surfaces such as industrial hall floors, pavements or parking areas.

Teamed with the Dynajet 350th trailer mounted pump the system is EFFICIENT, MOBILE and PRACTICAL:

☑️ Eliminates the need for an additional wet vacuum cleaner using the integrated Venturi technology
☑️ Compact for easy transportation and maneuvering when in use
☑️ Suitable with hot water systems

The Dynajet range utilizes positive displacement type triplex plunger pumps and are available in small portable trolley high pressure units with electrical, diesel or petrol driven motors and the ability to add a water heater for difficult water jet cleaning applications available from 180 Bar up to 1000 Bar.

Contact us today for more information on the Dynajet range for use in facility management, municipal and industrial applications:

Check out more applications we support here! 👉

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