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The UNx Fluid End Advantage

January 29, 2020 By fsd_admin Categories: Latest News 0 comments

Wisdom from 2 of the world most renowned inventors, artists, engineers and scientists:

“SIMPLICITY is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci

“Everything should be made as SIMPLE as possible, but not simpler” – Albert Einstein

Simplicity at the core of the Jetstream pump makes it without doubt, the easiest pump in the market to service. The last thing you want to be doing during a breakdown is looking for 100’s of items and finding multiple tooling and torque wrenches.
Take peace of mind with:
– The fewest number of moving part in the fluid end
– 37 parts VS >100 among others
– 5 minutes to change the packing seal
– less than an hour to change the fluid end pressures
– One simple tool to make all these changes – supplied with the pump.


Your pump shouldn’t be a stress factor on your next shutdown, cutting/cleaning operation or hydro demolition scope.
Contact us at for more information.

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