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Marine Growth Removal

November 2, 2021 By Jessica Categories: Latest News 0 comments

Marine growth removal projects can seem complex depending on their location and method of application. At AWE we have solutions which can be used across a variety of surfaces, including ship hulls, in subsea diving, caissons, marine wharfs and dock structures.

From Jetstream of Houston, the Zero-Thrust gun is designed for use in underwater cleaning. Thanks to it’s no thrust design – achieved by utilising one forward facing nozzle and another facing backwards – the diver is able to sustain the distance from the material needed in order to remove the marine growth without being propelled away. By removing marine growth from the base as high pressure water rebounds off the structural surface, the entirety of the marine growth is removed, making it the preferred method over outdated methods.

Contact us for more information on this application and the equipment we can offer to support:

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