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January 13, 2022 By Jessica Categories: Latest News 0 comments

Did you know we can supply the full package for safe & effective heat exchanger cleaning activities?

☑️ Remove the tube bundle safely with the Kidextractor bundle puller. Models available to handle tube bundles weighing up to 100 tonnes.
☑️ Clean multiple tubes simultaneously using the StoneAge Autobox automated lancing system, with options for single, dual and triple lancing.
☑️ In combination with the Jetstream ultra high pressure pump, use the StoneAge Banshee rotary tube nozzle to unblock and polish exchanger tubes, or use the Beetle rotary nozzle to tackle tubes with bends.
☑️ The Bundle Blaster from StoneAge offers a powerful automated solution for external cleaning of heat exchangers and tube bundles. Ideal for contractors and plants interested in low maintenance, cost-effective, easy to use equipment.

Contact us for more information on the tools we can offer to help you perform your heat exchanger maintenance more safely and efficiently:

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