Pipeline Flushing

Pipeline Flushing is typically the flushing of water pipelines in order to remove the build up of debris, scales, algae and other contaminants. The flushing process involves pumping a large volume of water through the pipeline to generate turbulent flow and remove the build up of the contaminants. Filters will be included in the process to remove particles in the pipelines. AWE support Pipeline Flushing contractors with a powerful range of Pipeline Flushing pumps. Our Pioneer range offers unparalleled performance at high flow rates. Customised to your needs the pumps are packaged in our local facilities with a range of engines and supported with spares and service support from our team of trained technicians.

Why customers come to us:

  • Support is from a trusted engineering team that accurately select the pump and customise to the application to ensure reliability and robustness
  • Dry self prime integration to cut down additional priming pumps at site
  • Rugged by design - our pump packages stand the test of time
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