Pipeline Testing

Pipeline testing is the process of hydrostatically testing pipelines after they have been installed. This is usually done as part of the pre-commissioning scope or after any inline modifications or adjustments. It involves bringing the hydrostatic pressure up to a test pressure above that of the operating design pressure. This needs to be done in a controlled manner and so a tried and tested solution is always best. AWE support pipeline installation and maintenance companies with robust multistage pumps for pipeline flooding and testing. With a reliable multistage pump with ranges up to 1000m3/h and up to 130 bar, coupled with the engine of your choice, we are helping contractors get the work done safely, effectively and efficiently, without and downtime concerns.

Why customers come to us:

  • Assurance on product quality is important and reliability at the site is important to their reputation
  • They are looking for equipment that is fuel efficient and easily moved between sites
  • The equipment can be maintained easily and downtime is minimised
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