Pipeline Testing

Once a pipeline has been installed, it still needs to be tested during the pre-commissioning scope or after any modifications or adjustments have been made. During the process of pipeline testing, the hydrostatic pressure is raised above that of the operating design pressure. For this reason, it is crucial that pipeline testing is done safely, securely, and in a controlled manner. When it is time to conduct pipeline testing, companies know to come to AWE as we offer the best multistage pumps for pipeline testing. Our AWE Custom Built Centrifugal Pumpsets can feature a high-quality, highly reliable multistage pump that operates up to 1000m3/h and 130 bar. Additionally, at AWE, we are committed to offering you a customizable solution that works for your unique application.

Why customers come to us:

  • We offer pipeline testing equipment that is fuel-efficient and easy to transport between sites.
  • Our pipeline testing equipment can be easily maintained with little to no downtime required.
  • Customers know that AWE offers the highest-quality products and services and that our products are robust and reliable.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our pipeline testing solutions and products.

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