Mud Pumping

A centrifugal mud pump is used to circulate the mud and water mix in oilfield drilling rigs in LMPs (Liquid Mud Plants). A rugged construction and heavy-duty modular design provides high reliability and flexibility in Drilling Application. The pump is designed to run over a broad performance range and deliver outstanding suction lift. Exceptional hydraulic designs combined with quality assures less service and downtime, leading to increased production and profits. With ductile iron volutes and hardened stainless steel impellers, the pump is designed for long life even when pumping abrasive liquids. The additional feature of the specialized self-lubricating mechanical seal design offers benefits of dry run capability for longer life.

Why customers come to us:

  • A reliable and durable package for tough environments
  • Customised for local market needs and preferences
  • Used internationally by drillers and service companies globally
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